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Mod and ESP Priority:
- Mod Priority is the order of the mod in STEP's installation.
A - Script Utilities
C - Gameplay
E - Sound
G - Fixes
B - Textures/Graphics
D - Content
F - Interface
- ESP Priority is obtained by running BOSS through the Mod Organizer.


This is a tutorial on how to extract .BSA format files into an easier to use "Loose Files" version. Skyrim's new method of loading loose BSA files (i.e. those not defined in Skyrim.ini) is to simply load them in alpha-numeric order regardless of conflicts. This can introduce a lot of problems if you're using multiple mods, especially with the amount that are in STEP.
  1. Download BSAopt here. Inside the archive you'll find BSAopt x32.exe and BSAopt x64.exe. According to your operating system (if you're unsure then use the 32-bit version), extract the correct EXE to your Skyrim root folder.

  2. Create a new folder. It doesn't matter where as it's just a temporary folder, your desktop works fine. In that folder, place the BSA file(s) you want to unpack.

  3. Run BSAopt and click Browse in the upper section. Navigate to the new folder with your BSA files and double-click on the BSA you want to extract.

  4. In the lower section click Browse and once again navigate to the new folder, but this time click Use Folder.

  5. Click Unpack and when it's done there should be folder structure similar to that in Skyrim's Data folder (Textures, Meshes, etc.) That's it! The new folders can now be installed like any other mod, just throw them in your Data folder, or in their mod's folder if you're using Mod Organizer. It's also now safe to delete the BSA files and the temporary folder.

  6. (Optional) If you have multiple BSAs in the same mod, simply repeat steps three and five (there's no need to repeat step four unless you want to keep the files separated).


  1. @Farlo - is it recommended to do this for the .bsa files are in the Hi Res DLC? Then, if my understanding is correct, you would not need to declare that .bsa in the skyrimprefs.ini file - and therefore you'd be able to overwrite it with other texture mods, correct?

    1. I haven't done any testing of this, but one could assume it'd work fine, if not better for the same reason as Skyrim HD. I'll try it out tonight, but yes, if you do extract them then there's no BSA to declare.

    2. Actually, I just remembered there's already a loose files version of the Optimized DLC:

      They're probably about the same thing, but if it's given to you, might as well use it!

  2. First time modder. Do you download the files and transfer or what?

    1. Holy crap this website is old! How did you find it? Check out the BSAopt guide on our new website here:

      Head over to the forums (link in the top left corner) if you have any other questions.

  3. Everytime i pack something the bsa file is always 146kb and doesnt work, no matter what compression im using